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brand story

Garelli is an Italian motorcycle brand, under which a range of interesting models has been created. Today the brand fully belongs to New Garelli SpA. Garelli bikes were used by many famous racers, including T. Nuvolari, E. Gnesa, and A. Varzi.

The History of Garelli

Adalberto Garelli studied engineering, and when he got a degree, he started to work for Fiat. His main task was improving two-stroke motorcycle engines. However, the company did not allow Garelli to reveal his full potential in this field, and that is why he decided to quit in 1911. He kept working on engine design during 1911-1914. As a result, the 350 cc split-single cylinder engine was created. He worked for several motorcycles organizations from 1914 through 1918, and during that time he became the best designer at the Royal Italian Army’s competition for the design of a motorcycle equipped with 350 cc split-single engine, which was used in the sport for the last time in 1926.

During the next several years, the company was mainly worked on supplying the equipment for military needs. The situation became worse and worse, and, finally, in 1936 the brand was not even considered one of the Italian motorcycle factories.

After the World War II, there was a need for economical transport faster than cycles, and public attention shifted to small moto products. That is why Garelli developed Mosquito 38-A motorbike that was a 38.5 cc equipped with an innovative engine. This model was simple and economical and matched the market needs. During the following years, some technical features of the model were improved. 

In 1956, the Garelli company started to sell propellers and own chassis. A new bike under the "Mosquito 315" name was created, and over the time, this motorcycle was designed to include 70cc-100 cc. The Garelli Motorcycle company was acquired by Agrati in 1961. However, in 1992 the company officially announced bankruptcy and the last models produced were the Gary One/Gary Duo. The Garelli brand was mainly used for telephone sales, but this led to a range of problems with parts supply for bike owners. Since 2007, Garelli has supplied the Milan soccer team. In the same year, the company presented a new high motor scooter.

Garelli Models

There is no official Garelli website, but it is possible to find a motorcycle models catalog on the Internet with sale prices. The list of the last models including 2010 GSP 50, the 2010 XO 50, 2010 Flexi 50 Scooter, and others. The 2010 GSP 50 motorcycle comes with a single cylinder, two-stroke engine, automatic gearbox, electric and kick starter, and single disc rear brakes. It can be found in different colors, including blue, white, black, and orange. The 2010 XO 50 motorcycle has a single cylinder, two-stroke, drum rear brake/single disc front brake, air cooling system, and automatic gearbox. This motorcycle can be purchased in white, black, or beige color. 2010 Flexi 50 is equipped with a single-cylinder, four-stroke engine, electric and kick starter, and expanding rear brake/ single disc front brake. It is available in white, grey, and beige colors.