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Honda Bros 400 (NT400)


General information
Engine and transmission
389 cm³
Top speed
180 km/h
Engine type
Number of cylinders
Cylinder location
37 HP
Transmission type,final drive


Although a relatively older model, the Honda Bros 400 is a reliable and well-balanced motorbike. In this article, you would find the general information and photos, along with information regarding the tech specs and the engine.

Bikes certainly come in varieties and the one which would be the best suited to serve an individual evidently depends on his/her purpose. The Honda Bros 400 is a reliable model with an output of 33 bhp, perfect for everyday use. Even though it is an old motorbike, its performance and longevity are considered to be superior than the contemporary bikes in the 33 bhp range. The model is popular among those purchasing a motorbike for the first time, due to its easy handling and low costs. The spare parts for Honda Bros 400 are easily available too.

Features of Honda Bros 400

This model is designed to be well-balanced and is one of the best motorbikes in its price range. Not only is this model quite cheap, but its maintenance is quite affordable too. This, along with the great mileage that the HondaBros 400 offers makes it a viable option for buyers looking for economic options. Let us take a look at the specifications Honda Bros NT400 to get a comprehensive understanding.

·      Appearance: This model stands out with its simple yet bold look. The photos show that while the style is compact, it still looks quite powerful and beefy.

·      Engine: The bike comes with a liquid-cooled V-shaped petrol engine with a power of 37 HP. You might want to note that it is quite torquey and this makes up for the low HP of the engines of these models.

·      Transmission and clutch: The Honda Bros 400 model has been integrated with chain transmission, which enhances its performance.

·      Chassis and brakes: The NT400 a sturdy motorbike with an aluminium beam chassis and strong brakes. Those who have already ridden this model have spoken highly of its fittings.

·      Fuel consumption: The average fuel consumption of this motorbike is 47 mpg, which is quite impressive considering its price and other specs. The fuel capacity is quite good and the bike runs for about 190 Km before it is required to switch to the reserves.


The Honda Bros 400 comes with several advantages. One of the reasons why this bike is popular among first-time buyers is that its low engine capacity makes it a legal option for riders who still have a restricted licence. With its excellent handling and flexible engine, the model runs well even on the twisty roads. Capable of tackling busy traffic and motorways alike, the NT400 model is a good option for buyers seeking a bike for regular use. This bike is an improved version of another model which is popularly used by courier deliverymen and can therefore last forever without causing any issues.


The specifications of this motorbike do show that the model isn’t a high-end one. With a top speed of 180 Km per hour, it is not suitable for those looking for a sports bike. Other than that, this bike is quite good considering its price and age.

Lately, many bike enthusiasts have been looking for the HondaBros 400 vsHawkGT comparison to find the more suitable one for themselves. Those who value performance over looks or speed have been prioritising to the technical specs of both these models.

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