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Models of Honda Cruisers

Honda has been producing high-quality cruisers for many years. Today, it is possible to find their bikes with different engine capacities, designs, and other characteristics.

A Brief History of Honda Cruisers

In the 1980s, Japanese manufacturers started the production of motorcycles resembling the early cruisers. In 1997, their share of the US market reached around 60%. Honda was one of these bike manufacturers importing highly competitive cruisers. They had to compete with such motorcycle manufacturers as Suzuki, Yamaha, and others.

Today, the Honda product range includes bikes for customers with different demands and financial possibilities. Riders can choose something out from 1832cc 6-cylinder Gold Wing F6B motorcycle to 234cc Rebel. Design of the Honda cruisers has also changed over the last several decades, and one of the latest machines by the manufacturer is the 2018 NM4 motorcycle, which comes with a futuristic, aggressive design and has a range of innovative features.

The Most Popular Cruisers by Honda

The Honda Shadow Phantom motorcycle comes with many back details, including frame, handlebar, shocks, headlight, rims, and more. Some chrome and grey features are also presented just to give a subtle accent. The Honda motorcycle is also equipped with a reliable engine and transmission combo. It is a 745cc machine.

The Honda Fury is a cruiser that comes with a sleek, modern design. It features a long, lean frame and the low seat height. The motorcycle is equipped with a large and powerful fuel injected 1312cc V-Twin engine.

Although the Honda Rebel 250 bike comes with the small size of the motor, it is more than enough to get you to the needed destination. When this cruiser was introduced many years ago, it became one of the most reliable and low-priced machines. This Honda bike is a perfect option for new or small riders, who wish to enjoy a motorcycle that is easy to control.

It is really hard not to mention the NM4, Honda’s cruiser that comes with the “feet first” position. For the first time, the bike hit the US market in 2014, and today it can also be found in Europe and Asia. The US Honda motorcycle comes with a 670 cc engine. The bike’s engine and transmission are borrowed from the NC700. The 2018 Honda version is available in a limited edition. As for the design of the motorcycle, despite the smooth lines, it does look aggressive. The Honda machine has too heavy front, but its owners will definitely stand out from the crowd.

1971 - 2022
29 - 1832 cm³
Dry weight
87 - 367.9 kg
Top speed
91 - 266 km/h
Engine type
Number of cylinders
1 - 6
Cylinder location
4 - 191 HP
Cooling system


Rebel 1100, 2022
2022 YOM
Rebel 300, 2022
2022 YOM
Fury, 2022
2022 YOM
Rebel 300, 2021
2021 YOM
Rebel 1100, 2021
2021 YOM
VT1300CX, 2018
2018 YOM
Stateline, 2018
2018 YOM
CTX700N, 2018
2018 YOM
Rebel 300, 2018
2018 YOM
Fury ABS, 2018
2018 YOM
Rebel 500, 2018
2018 YOM
CTX1300, 2018
2018 YOM
Fury, 2018
2018 YOM