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Kawasaki Classic Motorcycles

The notion “classic bike” is really vague but, usually, the machines are considered that if they are at least 15-30 years old. Although modern motorcycles impress us with all those technical innovations, the old vehicles deliver a special feeling. Kawasaki is one of those companies that have produced many exciting machines now considered “old classic.”

A Brief History

The history of the Japanese company began in 1878 when Shozo Kawasaki founded it in Tokyo. In 1960, the manufacturer took over Meguro motorcycles that had been making 500cc machines.

In one year, the company produced its first complete bike, which was the B8 125cc 2-stroke. During the next ten years, the manufacturer released several 50-250cc two-stroke models, the 650W1, the S1, S2, H2, and others. Their machines were used by the winners of different championships, including World Championship in 1969 and 1978. 

The Most Popular Classic Motorcycles by Kawasaki

The Kawasaki Z1 was an answer of the manufacturer to CB750 by Honda. It featured a 4-cylinder, air-cooled engine released in 1972.  It was the first large-capacity machine by the Japanese manufacturer. Its main rival was the MV Agusta 750, but the bike was much cheaper.

The Kawasaki Triple model was produced from 1968 to 1980. It came with three-cylinder engine ranging from 250 to 750 cc. There were two exhaust pipes located on the right and left sides of the machine. It was the first street motorcycle with CDI.

The Ninja 500R was a 498 cc parallel-twin machine. The classic machine came with a sporty appearance, but it featured standard riding position providing more comfort and versatility. The machine was also popular for a good combination of high performance and inexpensive maintenance. The last bike was produced in 2009.

The Kawasaki ZX-10 Tomcat was introduced in 1988. This classic bike was capable of developing up to 165 mph, which made it the fastest machine at that time. It was the first bike with an aluminum perimeter frame made by the manufacturers. Tomcat was one of those machines that created history for the company.

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1971 - 2021
89 - 1471 cm³
Dry weight
83 - 217 kg
Top speed
86 - 220 km/h
Engine type
Number of cylinders
1 - 6
Cylinder location
9 - 130 HP
Transmission type,final drive
Cooling system


Z400, 2021
2021 YOM
Z900RS, 2021
2021 YOM
Z 400 ABS, 2020
2020 YOM
W800, 2017
2017 YOM
W800, 2016
2016 YOM
W800, 2015
2015 YOM
W800, 2014
2014 YOM
W800, 2013
2013 YOM
W800, 2012
2012 YOM
W800, 2011
2011 YOM
W 650, 2006
2006 YOM
W 650, 2004
2004 YOM
W 650, 2003
2003 YOM
W 650, 2002
2002 YOM
W 650, 2001
2001 YOM
W 650, 2000
2000 YOM
Estrella, 1999
1999 YOM
W 650, 1999
1999 YOM
Esterella RS
1998 YOM