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brand story

No wonder that majority of motorcycle manufacturers started their careers from absolutely different products and Suzuki is not an exception. Five score years ago the company used to produce the best in the world weaving looms. In 1909, in the small coastal town Hamamatsu, which is the city now, the Suzuki Loom Works was founded. Michio Suzuki, the founder of the self-named company, merchandised such weaving machines that were capable to make textile of various complexity. They have even exceeded in quality the analogs from the European competitors. In 1920 the company obtained the name Suzuki Loom Manufacturing Co.

From Weaving Looms to Best Racing Bikes

When the World War II came to the end, in Japan there was a great demand for cheap means of transport. Michio Suzuki took the advantage of the situation and developed a completely new concept of a vehicle, which was within the pocket of the ordinary Japanese citizen. Michio designed the bicycle with the motor, which carried quite a romantic name - Power Free. It was the first motorbike in the world with the motor of 36 cubic centimeters and one horsepower. Public liked his invention and great demand for Suzuki moped allowed the founder to receive state grants and upgrade his company. Within small time period, the world greeted the Suzuki Motor Corporation. The first Suzuki motorcycle (Colleda) was designed in 1954. After Colleda failed the racing competition, Michio came to the conclusion that he needs to create a faster bike for all distances. Together with the German racer and designer Ernest Degner, they started working on a new concept of the racing bike. Already in 1962, their mutual goals were achieved when Ernest won the competition. In general, it took the company almost thirteen years to pass the way from the manufacturing of weaving looms to racing competition, from the low-power motorbike to the motorcycle with an engine replacement of 250 cubic centimeters.

Creation of the Beasts

Suzuki Hayabusa is the name, which is so well-known in the world of professional racing competitions. Despite bright design and colors, this bike hides real beast inside. The first model of the bike was designed in far 1999 and since that moment was constantly upgraded to maximal technical properties. This bike never failed in sales, so Suzuki engineers did their best to bring this monster bike to perfection, and no wonder that they have succeeded. As a result, nowadays Suzuki Hayabusa still keeps the status of the fastest serial superbike in the world. The motorcycle can easily boast with 197 horsepower and accelerates to the speed of 330 kilometers per hour. Hayabusa is a true leader of a sports row, which gained success and recognition instantly.

Suzuki GSX-R750 is the next veteran of motorcycling on the list of the best Suzuki creations. Released in 1985, the model remained in constant development by the engineers. Already in 2009, the world saw its last modification. The maximum speed of this motorcycle reaches 306 kilometers per hour at the engine of 150 horsepower. And finally, bikes.net website is happy to introduce you the best and fastest motorcycle by this Japanese brand - Suzuki GSX1300R. Its possibilities just strike, so not surprising that this model carries the title of "The Fastest Production Motorcycle". In the technical documentation of Suzuki Hayabusa GSX1300R is written that it can reach the speed of 312 kilometers per hour. But professional motorcyclists could achieve 412 kilometers per hour on this beast.