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Suzuki Cruisers

Cruisers are the ultimate machines that have been endlessly customized for several decades since they first appeared on the market due to people’s demand to have a reliable machine that was able to ride long distances. Suzuki is one of these motorcycle companies that have contributed to the segment by adding exciting, reliable products. The company has a range of new machines, but some of its older bikes are still very popular. 

A Brief History

Suzuki was one of those Japanese companies that started producing cruisers in the mid-1980s. In less than twenty years, the 60% of US market belonged to those manufacturers.

Suzuki released Intruder 750 with 45° OHC V-twin engine in 1985, which became the first cruiser motorcycle made by the Japanese manufacturer for US riders.

Boulevard C50 was a machine that has been made by Suzuki since 2001. It was followed by other vehicles from Boulevard series, including C90, C109R, M50, M90R, S40, and others. The engine displacement in those Suzuki bikes ranged from 652cc to 1360.

The current lineup of the manufacturer includes the following models:

·        Boulevard M109R;

·        Boulevard M90;

·        Boulevard M50;

·        Boulevard C90/T;

·        Boulevard C50;

·        Boulevard S40.

The Most Popular Cruisers by Suzuki

The Suzuki Boulevard S40 belongs to the heavy cruiser that comes with a timeless design combined along with advanced features. There is a 652cc 4-stroke air-cooled engine. Generally, this is one of the best bikes available for beginners who can enjoy cruising on highways at good speeds.

Suzuki Boulevard M109R B.O.S.S. comes with an inverted fork up front as well as a monoshock in the rear. The motorcycle features a pretty high back seat. This Suzuki vehicle is equipped with a 1783cc V-Twin engine that is capable of developing 123 hp and 118 lb-ft. The weight of the bike is 764 lbs.

The Boulevard C50T has been around for a long time, and today, it is still an amazing and powerful Suzuki vehicle. It features an 805cc four-stroke, liquid-cooled engine along with a shaft drive. This Suzuki motorcycle is also known for that classic cruiser sound. As for the riding experience that it delivers, you will really enjoy this bike as well as your passenger.

The Intruder 150 is a fuel injected version of the cruiser that provides lots of power and many exciting accessories. It is equipped with 154.9 c which is capable of producing 14.8PS at 8000rpm. The Suzuki motorcycle comes with a 5-speed transmission.

1973 - 2021
32 - 1783 cm³
Dry weight
123 - 357 kg
Top speed
92 - 224 km/h
Engine type
Number of cylinders
Cylinder location
8 - 150 HP
Cooling system