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Tricker, 2015
2015 YOM
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2012 YOM
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2006 YOM

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Designed for high customisability, the Yamaha Tricker 250 is a cheap bike with decent performance. It is suitable for urban commute and stunts due to its light weight and great design. Check out the photos, specifications, build and technical details of this motorbike.

Generally, a majority of the young bike enthusiasts tend to be interested in making customisations to their motorbikes. Keeping that in mind, the Yamaha Tricker was developed as a naked bike to which a variety of additional accessories can be attached. While it is a relatively cheap and low-powered model, this bike is perfect for new riders due to its ease of use.

Key highlights of the Yamaha Tricker

The Tricker is essentially built to cater to those looking for a motorbike for fun rides or urban commute. Its performance is good enough considering its power and price. You might want to take a look at the key highlights and specifications Yamaha Tricker to get an idea of what to expect.

·      Appearance: The Tricker is a super sleek and stylish model, which is one of the reasons behind its popularity among the young generation. It has been designed with an ultra-minimalistic approach. Various modifications, such as protectors for the swingarm, handle bars, axle, etc. can be made due to the abundance of accessories for this model.

·      Engine and transmission: This motorcycle is powered by a water-cooled 249 cc engine. These four-stroke single-cylinder engines deliver 19 bhp, at an rpm of 7,500. The bike has been equipped with a chain transmission system and a 5-speed gearbox.

·      Brakes, wheels and suspension: The motorcycle comes with a 220-front disk brake which isn’t very powerful but works well enough. The wheels are narrow and wire-spoked and the suspension is soft, making it possible to ride over pothole-ridden roads with ease.

·      Dimensions, aerodynamics and weight: Weighing only 118 Kg, this is essentially a light motorcycle. Other specifications include 270 mm ground clearance, a seat height of 790 mm and a 6-litre fuel tank.

·      Modifications: One of the major advantages of the bike is that spare parts for Yamaha Tricker are easily available. In fact, a couple dozen accessories are available for this model, making it highly modifiable.

·      Safety: Designed for new riders, this motorbike is quite safe to ride. The tall height of the seat and the well-positioned mirrors offer excellent views while the compact design of the bike allows the rider to dodge through traffic with ease.

Comparison with competitors

This motorcycle doesn’t face much competition due to its uniqueness. However, it proves to be much easier to ride compared to other models with similar technical specs, due to its design. Despite its low-powered engine, the bike can maintain a speed of around 65 mph constantly, which allows it to move through busy city traffic with ease. Its handling is superior compared to other 250 cc models, which is another reason why the Tricker is a good commute bike. Although the fuel consumption is average, the 6-litre capacity limits the range of the bike. It is best suited for short-distance commute rather than touring.

While the design of the motorcycle bears some resemblance to stunt bikes, it isn’t actually very convenient to perform wheelies on this model due to low torque. However, this motorbike is undoubtedly better than many of the other commute bikes in terms of value for money.