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1. Who can sell goods or services at bike.net?

Any registered user can sell at bike.net.

2. How to register a company at bike.net?

At the "Companies" page click "Add company" and fill in the form.

3. What can you buy or sell at bike.net?

It can be new or used bikes, parts, accessories, tires, gear and services, including insurance services.

4. How to create an ad?

At the "Market" page click "Create an ad", select a category and fill in the fields.

5. How to change an ad?

Go to the ad page and click "Edit ad". Do not forget to save the changes.

6. How to delete an ad?

An ad can be moved to Archive. To to so, click "Remove ad" on the ad page. Please note - the ad can be published again if required.

7. How do I know if anyone responded to the ad?

You will get a notification at the site and an email to the address, specified in the profile.

8. How to process a purchase?

At the ad page, click "Contact the seller" and make the deal massaging them directly.

9. How to advertise my ad effectively?

You can feature your ad or highlight the price with a colored box, to draw users' attention.

10. How much is ad promotion?

Ad promotion for 7 days costs 399 RUR, price highlighting for 3 days is only 59 RUR. See more at "Advertising opportunities" page.