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1. Subject of the Agreement

1.1. Bike.net social network provides the Internet user (the User) an opportunity to use the Service on conditions, listed in this User Agreement (the Agreement). An individual must be at least 14 years old to use the Service.

1.2. The Administration provides Service to the User free of charge.

2. General Provisions

2.1. The Agreement is a public offer in compliance with Article 437 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation. By using the Service, including each instance of Website access by any way, means full and unconditional acceptance of the Agreement by the User.

2.2. The Agreement regulates rights and responsibilities of the Users and the Administration, as well as relations with the third parties, whose rights and responsibilities might be affected by the Users' actions.

2.3. The current revision of the Agreement can be found at https://bike.net/terms. The Agreement can be changed by the Administration without special notice by publishing a new revision of the Agreement at the same address. New revision takes effect from the moment of publishing on the Internet unless otherwise specified in the new revision.

2.4. If User does not agree to the terms of the current Agreement, in whole or in part, he/she must discontinue any use of the Service.

2.5. Violation of the Agreement terms by the User may result in blocking User's access to the Account or deletion of User's account, and complete or partial deletion of the Content, or access restriction without prior notice.

3. Terms

Authorization - is the process of analyzing Authentication data, entered by the User, by the software part of the Service with granting User access to his/her account based on analysis results.

Account - User login record, containing Authentication data and other data, provided by the User while using the Service.

Authentication data - unique means of Use identification (login and password), used for authorization.

Blog - an interior page of the Website, which under this Agreement the User is granted the right to use for posting Content (keeping the Blog).

Community Owner - User, who created a Blog in the Community format.

Club Owner - User, who created a Blog in the Club format.

Content - User information at the Service, including information provided during Registration, posted in Blogs and Communities, and sent in private messages.

Community Moderator - User, who is granted access to the functions, allowing Community Content moderation by community Owner and/or Curator.

Club Moderator - User, who is granted access to the functions, allowing Club Content moderation by club Owner and/or Curator.

Profile - a public page, automatically created at the Service during Registration, and containing all data, provided by the User during Registration, and at further Account changes or updates, except for the passord and Registration address.

Chargeable Services - additional services, provided to the User by Bike.net Administration for a fee.

Registration - creation of an Account by User, according to the procedure, set by the Administration. During Registration the User shall provide Authentication data and other optional information he/she may deem necessary.

Service - Bike.net Service, providing Users with opportunity to keep Blogs, post texts and comments, and use other functions provided by the Administration.

Community Curator - User, who is granted access to special Community control functions by the Community Owner.

Club Curator - User, who is granted access to special Club control functions by the Club Owner.

Community - Blog with a theme set by the Community Owner; Community Content may be created by a community of Users as specified by the Community Owner.

Club - Blog with a theme set by the Club Owner; Club Content may be created by a club of Users as specified by the Club Owner.

4. Acount Registrtation

4.1. A number of Service functions, including Blog keeping, will be available to the User after Registration.

4.2. To complete Registration the User provides information, specified in the Registration form. If There are grounds for the Administration to believe, that information, provided by the User is not valid or up-to-date, the Administration can block User access to the Account or delete the Account.

4.3. After filling out the Registration form, the User must confirm Registration by activating it as per the instruction, sent by the Administration to the email address, specified by the User during Registration (Registration address).

4.4. The Administration can prohibit using certain logins, and set requirements to login and password (number of symbols, allowable symbols etc.) In case login forms a word (combination of letters), which may be considered as affecting rights and interests of the Administration and/or third parties, the Administration may delete user's Account or restrict Account access until the User corrects the login in compliance with the Administration requirements.

4.5. After Registration User Account ans User Profile are created, identified as bike.net/username, where username is the login, chosen by the User.

4.6. The User is responsible for the safety (password attack resistance) and confidentiality of the chosen Authentication data.

4.7. The User is responsible for all actions, taken under User Authentification. All actions, taken after Authorization with User's Authentication data are considered taken by the User except for the cases when the User, as specifie in the Agreement, notified the Administration of possible unauthorized access and/or any breach (suspected breach) of confidentiality of his/her Autherntification data.

4.8. The User is responsible for possible loss or distortion of data, and any other consequences of any nature that may result from the breach of the Agreement by the User.

4.9. The User also can have access to additional function of the Service, using his/her Facebook, Google, VK or Mail.ru Account for Authorization (Third party Account). Functionality, available for Third party Account may be limited in comparison to the Account.

5. User Data

5.1. Technical data, transferred to the Service by User software and other data, transferred to the Service by User, will be available to the Administration and may be used by the latter at its own discretion in any way not contrary to the law, including for tadvertisement targeting.

5.2. User IP-address may be open to other Users when posting comments in the Blogs - depending on the settings, chosen by the User, Community Owner or Club Owner, where the User posts comments.

5.3. User Profile information will be open to other Users. User can at any time delete and/or update the Profile, using Account control interface.

5.4. The Administration notes, that to use the Service, including Registration, one does not require to provide information, allowing for direct or indirect identification of person, thus relations in connection with the Service, Registration and information, provided during Registration are not governed by the Russian Federal Law #152-FZ.

6. Account Termination

6.1. Termination of inactive Accounts by Administration

6.1.1. Administration reserves the right to delete an Account or Blog if User does not access it for more than two years or if access was restricted for the same period of time due to Agreement violation.

6.2. Account Termination by User

6.2.1. User may delete Account using Account control interface. When Account is deleted, it is blocked for 1 year, when other Users can not access Blog Content.

6.2.2. During this period User can restore the Account. The other Users' access to the Blog Content will be restored.

6.2.3. If User does not restore the Account, the login becomes available to other Users, and all User's data and all Content, published under this Account and marked as to be deleted in the interface is deleted, except for the data specified in Paragraph 6.3 of the Agreement. From this moment the Account or any related information can not be restored. Data, stored under Paragraph 6.3 of the Agreement will also become unavailable to the User or third parties and may be provided by the Administration only if requested by an authorized agency.

6.3. The Administration notes, that in compliance with Part 3 Article 10.1 of the Russian Federal Law #149-FZ the Administration must, regardless of the User's will, store and provide upon legal request of an authorized agency:

6.3.1. information about receipt, transfer, delivery and/or processing of voice records, texts, images, sounds, video or other types of messages of the Users and information about Users, who took these actions for one year after these actions were taken;

7. Blog

7.1. User can keep a Blog, leave posts and comments both in his/her Blog (Community/Club) and in other Users' Blogs (Communities/Clubs).

7.2. The User, guided by the Agreement and applicable legislation, creates Content and sets Content access levels using the Servoce functionality.

7.3. The User, who created the Blog is responsible for such Blog and its Content.

7.4. User, that posts a comment on a Blog and User, that keeps the Blog bear subsidiary responsibility for such comment.

8. Community

8.1. User can create Communities.

8.2. A community can have rules, which shall not be contrary to the Agreement and applicable legislation.

8.3. Community Owner responsibility includes Community rules, Content, and actions of the Community Curator and Moderator.

8.4. User, who posts or comments in the Community and Community Owner bear subsidiary responsibility for such post or comment.

8.5. Community Curator and Owner bear subsidiary responsibility for actions, taken by the Community Curator.

9. Club

9.1. User can create Clubs.

9.2. A Club can have rules, which shall not be contrary to the Agreement and applicable legislation.

9.3. Club Owner responsibility includes Club rules, Content, and actions of the Club Curator and Moderator.

9.4. User, who posts or comments in the Club and Club Owner bear subsidiary responsibility for such post or comment.

9.5. Club Curator and Owner bear subsidiary responsibility for actions, taken by the Club Curator.

10. Content

10.1. By publishing Content, the User:

10.1.1. Guarantees, that Content and conditions of its publication are compliant to the applicable legislation, the User has acquired all necessary rights and permits for Content publication;

10.1.2. Regarding Content that is an intellectual property, the User grants the Administration a non-exclusive (ordinary) license for using the Content in providing Service by reproducing Content and making it public for the whole period of Content publication on the Website. If User takes part in ratings, and if User Content is used in editorial projects of the Service, the User grants Administration additional right to make changes, abridgements and additions to the Content, add illustrations, prefaces, afterwords, comments or notes, and in some cases, determined by the Service functionality, use the Content anonymously.

10.1.3. Must mark the Content, unappropriate for viewing by children (0 to 18 years old) under the Russian legislation as adult content, using the Service functionality.

10.2. The User is prohibited to:

10.2.1. register a legal entity as a User;

10.2.2. register as a User on behalf of another person;

10.2.3. misguide Users with respect to his/her personality, or relations with other individuals;

10.2.4. perform mass mailings without recipients' consent;

10.2.5. take actions, aimed at disruption of normal Service functioning;

10.2.6. use automatic scripts (bots, crawlers etc.) for collection of Service information and/or interaction with the Service without special Administration permit;

10.2.7. publish commercial and/or political advertisements unless a separate agreement is made between the User and the Administration;

10.2.8. take other actions, violating Russian legislation and/or other applicable legislation, including that of the User's residence.

10.3. Any claims related to the Content shall be sent to the Administration via a special form.

11. Administration Rights and Responsibilities

11.1. The Administration makes reasonable effort to provide the Service and timely restore it in case of downtime or interruption.

11.2. The Administration does not check the accuracy of information, provided by the User at Registration, but reserves the right to demand verification from the User in exceptional cases. Failure to verify information may be treated as providing false information and may entail implications as per Paragraph 4.2 of the Agreement.

11.3. The Administration does not check Content and/or Users' actions for compliance with the Agreement or applicable legislation, but reserves the right to, on its own discretion or upon receipt of an authorized agency's request and/or justified demand of another party, without notifying the User, mark the Content as adult content, take actions as per Paragraph 2.5 of the Agreement and restrict certain Users' access to a Blog/Community/Club.

11.4. Upon receipt of an authorized agency's request, the Administration may have to provide such authorized agency available information about the User or related to the User.

11.5. Administration may restrict User's access to any of the Service functions, restrict or ban using API, posting external links and take other actions, aimed at protection of the Service from factors, posing real or potential threat to the Users, normal operation of the Service and Administration policy. Administration takes these measures at its own discretion and bears no responsibility for possible negative implications of such measures to the User or to the third parties.

11.6. Administration may, at its own discretion and without prior notice, update, reduce or otherwise change Service functionality and provision procedure.

12. Responsibility

12.1. The User is responsible for breaking of the Agreement, including Registration requirements and Content posting requirements, as well as for breaking applicable legislation, including Russian legislation and legislation of the User residence;

12.2. Administration is not responsible for temporary downtime and interruptions of Service, unavailability and/or loss of information caused thereby. Administration is not responsible for any damage to any equipment, software or information, caused by using of the Service, including damage, caused by changes of the Service as per Paragraph 10.6 of the Agreement.

12.3. Administration notes, that in compliance with the Russian Federal Law of 07.02.1992 #2300–1, provisions of this law, regarding consumer rights are not applicable to the relations between Administration and the Users, since the Service is provided free of charge.

13. Advertisement

13.1. Unless specified otherwise in a separate Agreement between User and Administration, Administration may without prior notice or any compensation to the User, place ads on the Service, including Blog/Community/Club pages.

13.2. Administration may, at any time, change method, type and quantity of ads, published on the Service.

13.3. User participation in advertised events, purchasing of advertised goods, works or services, causes rights and responsibilities exclusively between User and the party, selling the goods, works, services or organizing the event.

13.4. Posting of advertisement-related Content by User (or promise to do so) does not imply any responsibility for the Administration.

13.5. Administration may send to the email address specified by the User at Registration, information regarding the Service and third party ads.

14. Final Provisions

14.1. Proper addresses for legal documents are:

14.1.1. for Content-related messages: inquiry form,

14.1.2. for the User: Registration address.

14.2. All disputes, originated from and/or related to the Service and Content may be brought to court after the Parties have taken steps for out-of-court settlement upon 30 calendar days from sending a claim (demand) to the addresses, specified in Paragraph 14.1 of the Agreement.

14.3. If the dispute is not settled in time period specified in Paragraph 14.2, it may be brought to court at Administration residence.