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Valandos wrote post
Прежде чем выехать на ДОП рекомендую пару занятий на эндуро мотоцикле на грунте касаемо как новичков так и бывалых кто с асфальта не съезжает например школа Андрея Зырина в Сергиев Посаде
"Мы ждем всех желающих, как детей так и взрослых. Обучаем с нуля и подбираем программу тренировок для опытных райдеров. Занятия могут проходить как на собственных мотоциклах, так и на мотоциклах школы,на время занятий вся необходимая экипировка выдается.Дети занимаются с 6 лет.Есть техника на любой возраст и рост.
Занятия проводятся в Голыгино ( карьер),Мостовике,Богородском.Выежаем на трассы подмосковья и соревнования.
Запись на тренировку по тел : +79854487787 +79037912592
Квалифицированный ремонт и обслуживание мототехники

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just made this thing, me and my brother are out and about in southeast texas riding and bullshitting with other people whats going on out there
speaktaper wrote post
Motorcycle Pants Buyers Guide
If the car owner does not have to think long about what to wear on a trip, then for motorcyclists this question is of supreme importance. First of all, it applies to the lower part of clothing. We mean pants, of course. It’s clear that too slippery…
speaktaper wrote post
best motorcross knee braces
Unfortunately, regardless of whether a person is professionally engaged in motorcross or just likes to exhibit the very fact of his belonging to the motorcycle world, leg injuries are inevitable. Knees are the most vulnerable body parts here. Such…
speaktaper wrote post
Needless to say, a motorcycle jacket appears to be an essential component of every biker’s gear. It’s because it protects the greater part of your body when riding a bike. Respectively, to pick up the best motorcycle jacket, aside from knowing the…
speaktaper wrote post
Before you start choosing moto gloves of the right size and according to your preferences, get familiar with the most common types of this accessory.

There are the following major types of motorcycle gloves:

Textile: They are versatile and…