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Best New BMW Motorcycles 2020
BMW has been enjoying great success as a motorcycle maker for up to 80 years. The German producer first sparkled in the niche as a creator of a motorcycle boxer engine. Now the company keeps up their high pace constantly implementing cutting-edge solutions.

Developed respectively in 1932 and 1942, the models R 12 and R 17 turned out to be the first bikes in the world featuring a telescopic fork with hydraulic shock absorbers instead of a leaf spring. This element is still retained in modern motorcycles.
Best New BMW Motorcycles 2020
In 1952, the company opened a new era of a boxer engine with their motorcycle R68 reached 160 km/h.

In 1978, instead of classical boxer powerplants, the models R100RS and R90S (https://bike.net/BMW/…_90_S_1973) acquired fresh single-row four-cylinder liquid-cooled motors.

In 1998, the German developer tried their hand at the creation of luxury tourist motorbikes releasing the K 1200 LT (https://bike.net/BMW/…00_LT_1999). Here aerodynamically precise elements of the motorcycle are combined with elegant controls.
Best New BMW Motorcycles 2020
The company keeps producing safe and highly effective bikes in the new century. In this bmw review, you are welcome to get familiar with the latest motorcycles of the brand. Perhaps, this detailed bmw review will help you to pick up the best bmw motorcycle.

Best New BMW Motorcycles 2020
If you are particularly interested in 2020 bmw models, you ought to take a look at the R1250R and R1250RS. These tourist bikes come with a 136-hp boxer engine and a 6.5-inch color LCD dashboard. What’s more, the R1250RS fully LED headlights. If you are ready to get more, you can pay for an optional quickshifter, extra riding modes, not to mention an electrically controlled suspension.

Best New BMW Motorcycles 2020
This representative of the 2019 bmw line-up happens to be the fourth generation of the flagship sport motorcycles from the German maker. This latest bike has been deprived of the asymmetric headlights – the key design feature of the predecessors. Moreover, the details of the plastic body kit became smaller, thus exposing the powerplant and subframe. The frame design was updated too. Now it utilizes the motor as a power element. It allowed to reduce weight and improve control. The engine now produces 205 hp at 13,500 rpm. We should note that the power is more evenly distributed at low as well as medium speeds due to the new technology of variable valve timing ShiftCam. The regular version of the motorcycle comes with ABS, traction control, four riding modes and also a quickshifter.

BMW C 400 GT
Best New BMW Motorcycles 2020
That’s another bright steel beast of the 2019 bmw line-up. With this bike, the German producer debuted in the category of maxi scooters. You can successfully use this model for daily city trips and long journeys. The expressive, dynamic design of the scooter is perfectly complemented by effective wind protection, a comfortable 2-level seat with lumbar support, and well-thought-out ergonomics of the controls. Potential buyers are free to choose from 3 available color options for the body.

The BMW C 400 GT is powered with a 34-hp one-cylinder motor. The bike’s design is based on a sturdy tubular frame combining impressive stiffness and low weight. A high level of safety is ensured by the onboard cruise control. The effective braking is ensured by the front 2-disc and rear single-disc brakes. The ABS system is already available in the regular version of the scooter.

BMW F 800 GS Adventure
Best New BMW Motorcycles 2020
You’ll certainly like this 2020 bmw masterpiece because this latest bike is born for road adventures. The new bike comes with a mighty in-line motor. All structural elements are specially designed for overload. The bike is built around a torsion-resistant frame. Its suspension is electronically tuned and instantly adapts when road conditions change. The model also boasts the Enduro mode, optimizing the stiffness of the suspension for riding on a loose surface.

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Any other members had a chance to test drive , or buy this dream machine ?
My only regret is not having enough time lately to put on some serious miles.
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