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my baby
RedPredator · September 13 09:24 PM
my Second baby

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RedPredator wrote post
that my other MOTORCYCLES organization baby
This is my Majestic Motorcycle association Club Bike
Tatt wrote post
Abbas wrote post
i want to buy 1pc
CapTain Paul Rabbitt
CapTain Paul Rabbitt put up for sale bike KTM 400 SXC for $ 2 000
ktm 400 sxc

for sale cheap but when i fix it up it will be more

Captain Paul

speaktaper wrote post
Founded in 1900, the company Yamaha tried their hand at the motorcycle industry only in 1954. Before that, the firm started by Thorakusu Yamaha was associated only with musical instruments.
As told above, in 1954, the company presented its first…
speaktaper wrote post
Founded in 1885, the motorcycle maker Triumph came up with their first bike in 1902. It featured a reinforced bicycle frame, a Belgian 2,25 hp engine, and a belt drive.
However, the company didn’t enjoy great popularity until 1990 when John Bloor…
speaktaper wrote post
A century ago, founded in 1909 by Michio Suzuki, the company Suzuki was known as the world’s best loom maker. However, in 1951, the company was heavily affected by the collapse of the global cotton market and Suzuki had to try their hand in other…
speaktaper wrote post
A sportbike appears to be the embodiment of cutting-edge technology in motorcycle production.
The pleasure of owning this motorcycle is rooted in its striking ability to be the first on the road. It’s really good at handling, cornering, and…
speaktaper wrote post
The legendary motorcycle English brand Royal Enfield showed up in the second half of the 1880s, when George Townsend, an unknown person, opened a business for the production of ordinary sewing needles. Things didn’t go well until in 1880 he…
What actually makes the Harley-Davidson Road Glide stand out from its electric “brother” the Electra Glide is its classic front fairing. As we know, the Electra’s fairing comes with a built-in headlight on the outside as well as a dashboard with…
speaktaper wrote post
If the car owner does not have to think long about what to wear on a trip, then for motorcyclists this question is of supreme importance. First of all, it applies to the lower part of clothing. We mean pants, of course. It’s clear that too slippery…