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speaktaper wrote post
If we ask a number of people to point to the most crucial piece of safety gear, they will undoubtedly mention a helmet. The importance of this thing can’t be understated. A motorcycle helmet is what any rider is associated with.
Every year helmets save thousands of lives, while many people passed away just because they neglected this crucial motorcycle gear. Perhaps, your state doesn’t require you to wear a helmet but it shouldn’t justify a light-minded approach to your health or even life. Put it on no matter what the local law tells.

Well, you realize the whole importance of wearing this vital motorcycle accessory, but the issue hasn’t resolved yet because you haven’t chosen the right helmet. This review should facilitate your choice. We’ll briefly illustrate the key types of helmets here below.

The key types of helmets

You are naturally eager to learn how various motorcycle helmets differ in terms of safety. To answer this question, we should get familiar with the major types of this accessory.

Full-face helmet
The typical representatives of this type are the Icon Airmada Chantilly and the Shoei RF-1200. Such helmets ensure the maximum coverage around the biker’s neck and head. So, if you stick with such a motorcycle helmet, the best protection against potential impact is guaranteed. Moreover, it features a chin bar unavailable in other helmets. The matter is that the chin appears to be an extremely vulnerable body part in road incidents according to recent statistics. Fortunately, with this helmet, your precious jaw and chin will be OK.

In addition to enhanced safety, it also ensures outstanding comfort because it comes with ventilation. It means that your sweat will evaporate thus keeping your cool and preventing visor fogging.

Modular helmet
We can name such modular motorcycle helmets. These are the Speed and Strength SS1710, Scorpion EXO-AT950 Neocon, and HJC RPHA 90 Darth Vader. This motorcycle accessory has much in common with the full-face one. The only difference is that the visor and chin bar can be flipped up, thus opening its front. Aside from the main visor, this helmet also has an additional internal one to ensure extra eye protection from the direct sunlight.

Compared to the full-face helmet, a modular one is a bit lighter and it results in reduced safety. However, it’s still decent enough. So, if you don’t care about your chin protection, opt for this lighter motorcycle gear.

Open face helmets
This motorcycle helmet covers nearly everything except for your face. Such helmets are popular with cruisers, scooters, tourers, and café racers. What’s more, this helmet is deprived of the chin bar. As you see, its safety isn’t so good. To protect your eyes from road debris or bad weather conditions, you can purchase a visor. If you are interested in this type of helmet, you can choose from the Bilt Route Journey, Shark Dark Trinity, or Scorpion EXO-CT220 Neocon.

Dual sport helmets
Typical dual sport helmets include the Bell MX-9 Adventure MIPS DLX, Scorpion EXO-AT950 Tucson, and HJC DS-X1 Lander. This type of helmet features a low chin bar as well as a large visor. In terms of comfort, it’s similar to the full-face solution. You can comfortably use this helmet for both off-road and highway trips.

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