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Ducati Diavel, 2011

The Diavel is the bike produced by Ducati. In fact, it was the second cruiser produced by this manufacturer after Indiana. There have been several versions of the original model, and the series is still in production.

History of Ducati Diavel

For the first time, Diavel was shown to the public in 2010 at EICMA, and the production of the bikes started in 2011. Another version of Diavel was introduced in 2014 in Geneva. It featured the 1,198.4 cc engine from the 1198 model.

There were several designers who worked under the design of this motorcycle, including Terblanche, Pierre, and Kerr, Glynn. In the US market, this model attracted many men and women. Even some owners of legendary Harleys traded their machines for this bike.

In 2017, the manufacturer released the Diavel Diesel model that was produced in a limited edition of only 666 vehicles. It occurred as a result of cooperation between Ducati along with Diesel.

Ducati Diavel Description

The Diavel motorcycle was taken very well, and lots of riders were excited about its power and great design. It is a very light and fast machine, and its users enjoyed lots of fun and good handling.

Ducati did not want to put this bike into a particular category, and bikers tried to do it themselves by labeling this Diavel sport-cruiser, chopper, café racer, and more. The bike features a 162- hp. Testastretta V-twin engine. Its dry weight is below 460 lbs.

If you are looking for a bike that would not only meet your expectations but will impress you, you should check this one out. This Ducati motorcycle is pretty long but in a good way. It is massive, but thanks to a low weight, it is not a problem. When you ride this bike, you have both speed and comfort. It can really beat many café racers and cruisers.

The Diavel motorcycle is packed with different innovative features that are very easy to use. It comes with a 30.3-in. seat height, which is the lowest in the lineup of Ducati. The other features of this machine make it similar to a naked bike. The bars are located closer and higher if compared to the previous model, which makes this bike compact.

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