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Olegra wrote post
Известные мотопробеги

Кругосветный мотопробег Роберта Фултона (Robert Fulton)
Мотопробеги, которые организовывают Ночные Волки
Мотопробеги, которые организовывают Ангелы ада
Мотопробег Кашина, 20111
Православный мотопробег

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Any other members had a chance to test drive , or buy this dream machine ?
My only regret is not having enough time lately to put on some serious miles.
Hopefully that will change soon.
speaktaper wrote post
BMW has been enjoying great success as a motorcycle maker for up to 80 years. The German producer first sparkled in the niche as a creator of a motorcycle boxer engine. Now the company keeps up their high pace constantly implementing cutting-edge…