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Members of the Russian biker club "Night wolves" and employees of the domestic enterprise, the "Piston" began hard work on creating a new brand of motorcycle "Wolf" — domestic analogue of the legendary "Harley-Davidson". The newspaper "Izvestia" reports that the presentation of the final prototype will have to go in early August, at the bike-show in Simferopol, serial production of the model will begin in 2016.
The biker from the Night wolves and the leader of the project "Russian motorcycle" Andrei Grebennikov said that in the first line of the pipeline will go from 500 to 1000 bikes per year. If the motorcycle will run successfully, it will begin to export abroad — the Night wolves are going to enter the markets of Belarus, Ukraine, Serbia, Bulgaria and Egypt. General designer and Director of the plant "Piston" Vladimir Harchenko noted that the cost of "Wolf" will not exceed 200 thousand rubles.
We remind you that "Night wolves" has attempted to engage in the production of motorcycles: for example, at the Irbit motorcycle plant was going "Ural-Wolf". Despite well-established in Russia, mass production, national popularity bike not purchased.

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Any other members had a chance to test drive , or buy this dream machine ?
My only regret is not having enough time lately to put on some serious miles.
Hopefully that will change soon.
speaktaper wrote post
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