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The Story Of Lirey
The Story Of Lirey
The Story Of Lirey
The French got their desert, turning a broken car into a motorcycle.
We all remember how in "Iron man" Tony stark escaped from captivity of terrorists in the Afghan desert, he fashioned literally on one knee and armored exoskeleton. A French electrician Emile Lyrae almost repeated the feat of superhero comic books, collecting bike parts from his broken car to then get it out of the Moroccan desert.
In 1993 Lyrae was driving his Citroen 2CV on the road from city tan-tan when he was stopped by the local military. They forbade him to move on, and then the traveler decided to turn off the highway to go around the restricted area on the road. However, in rocky terrain, the Frenchman lost control and crashed into a rock, damaging the suspension and axle of the vehicle and thus, being without a vehicle in the middle of the desert, 200 miles from the nearest town.
Fortunately, the Lirey had a small supply of food, water and tools, including a hacksaw. He understood that he went too far and come back on foot. According to the Lirey, he "turned himself in survival mode": eating very little and watched the remaining liquid.
From the body of the car, he made his dwelling, then shortened the frame, we attached the axle and two wheels, in the middle put the engine and transmission, and rear bumper made seat. When after 12 days the bike was ready, the traveler was only a pint of water, and he went. After one day, he stumbled upon police officers who took him to the nearest village, and then got fined because his vehicle did not match the registration documents.
The history of the Lirey appeared on French television in the early 1990s but remained undetected until last year, surfaced on one motorcycle website. Lirey now 63, he lives in the North-West of France and rightly bears the nickname "the real Tony stark" for his amazing engineering abilities and incredible survivability.

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