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The first flying hoverbayk will appear on the market in 2017.

Futuristic flying motorcycle, or better to say hoverbayk that can hover three meters above the ground, can be on the market in 2017. Relevant information was announced by the developers of the concept bike Aero X Aerofex Corp.

Representatives of Aerofex Corp now invite all wishing to reserve hoverbayk on the website of the company — the cost of the pre-order is $ 5,000. The manufacturer notes that by 2017, its retail value will reach 85 thousand dollars.

The first flight of Aero-X to be held in 2016, and a year later the new vehicle will be delivered to the buyers. Hover the maximum speed is 72 km/h, and the capacity will reach 140 kg.

The main purpose of a private development called Aerofex Corp part of the bike in search-and-rescue operations, patrol borders and help in disaster management.

New hoverbayk, like other similar developments, uses of the turbine to simulate the airbag, however, unlike other similar transport, the Aero-X will be able to soar to a height of three meters.

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Any other members had a chance to test drive , or buy this dream machine ?
My only regret is not having enough time lately to put on some serious miles.
Hopefully that will change soon.
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