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17-18 September Park of the Cretaceous period.
The crown Saratov races difficult track in chalky loose soil, climbs, rock sections, narrow trails, logs in a variety of sauces, ditches and vertical walls. The two-day battle on the track will unfold on the beautiful backdrop of the chalk hills, century-old fir trees and a wide expanse of the Volga. Also not the last string in the list is the luxurious accommodation for the participants and spectators in Khvalynskiy ski resort with a comfortable hotel or private cottages, baths with swimming pool, delicious dining and its own brewery!

Entry fee: 1000 RUB.

Address: Saratov region, Khvalynsk, gornolyzhny resort Khvalynskiy.

In more detail: http://vimteam.org/

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